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#WhiskeyWednesday “Strong Medicine” Decoded Part 4 of 5

Greetings Gautamanation!
Sorry I missed last weeks Whiskey Wednesday, it was a busy week but we’re picking up right were we left off. Today we will be paring Seagrams 7 with track 4 of “Strong Medicine” entitled “The Standstill.” Seagrams 7 is a great affordably priced Canadian whiskey akin to my favortite Canadian Club. [...]

#MusicMonday Jay Qwest: “Whiskey & Gunpowder”

Emcee/Producer team-ups don’t happen enough anymore.  It’s really too bad because there is a certain type of cohesion that comes from an album produced by a single producer.  Jay Qwest’s “Whiskey & Gunpowder” is just such an album.  Produced entirely by Illastrate, the album is tied together by the soulful samples and subtly bombastic drums [...]

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